Yr Friends EP

Johnny Foreigner are a three piece band from Birmingham, who have played with the likes of Los Campesinos! and Stagecoach. They’re well known for their noisy, riff filled music, and the band just reek punk. For instance, they gave fans the link to their video Harriet, By Proxy (which was done for free by a fan/film student in Chicago) before they gave it to their record company, asking fans to get it as far over the internet as possible; youtube, vimeo, facebook, tumblr, twitter, and all the rest. There’s something extremely loveable about this band, which becomes clear just from reading one of their blog posts. Johnny Foreigner’s music is split into two; loud, upbeat, noisy music to jump around in your house to, or acoustic, laid-back sounds riddled with lyrics that just about any listener can interpret, whilst it still being clear that the song was written about a personal experience.

1/3rd of Johnny Foreigner, Alexei Berrow, has been working on a side-project (which he claims he writes ‘when everyone else is in bed’). This side project is Yr Friends, and it’s just so wonderfully woeful that you’ll just want to put on your contemplating face and mope all evening. Lex’s heavy birmingham accent tells the story of break ups and questioning, with lyrics like “i think he’d be good for you, i think you’d be good for each other” and “what’ll i do when i’m wondering who is kissing you, what’ll i do?” This EP is perfectly melancholy and my only wish is that it was named after the title of the second track – how you feel every night (probably), rather than yr friends have been lying to you. Because this album pretty much sums up any woeful nights you spend crying at your laptop screen or phone with no new messages. We’ve all been there, so we might as well have some music to accompany it.

Find the EP here.


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2 responses to “Yr Friends EP

  1. alexei

    o wow thanks. flattered. i think this is the first review of something ive done on my own. i feel i should point out, i didn’t write “what’ll i do”, tho it is one of my favourite songs ever ever. its by irving berlin and was written in 1927. if you like it you should youtube it, there’s a bunch of versions by singers and arrangers far more talented than i…

    • Sarah

      Trust me, you deserve the good review! You and the rest of jofo are such good musicians and you deserve everything good that’s coming to you. Good luck for the new album release, we’ll probably end up reviewing that too. (Extrapressureforyouifyoudidn’thaveenoughalready) I’ll youtube “what’ll I do” asap. Thanks!

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