Vivian Girls – I Heard You Say

Vivian Girls, an American band from New York, has recently released their third studio album: Share the Joy. A friend of mine told me that one song was a good’un, worth a review. So I listened and watched and decided to assess the video I Heard You Say.

It began with a promising start, some artistic close up shots of fur, I’m one for an artistic video and I was lulled into thinking that this might just be a good video and maybe even song but then it all kicked off.

Bored faces suited their boring voices, dreadfully monotone and opposed to being emphatic. Matching clothes looked horrible and pretty gimpy. The blonde looked drab and tired, the red head had roots as long as the song is bad, and the one with dark hair had features that looked disproportionate and manly. But still I watched on.

Perhaps something metaphorical was meant in the antithetical snow and fire. Or in the nice professionalism of the camera work and aesthetics of the snow scene – which reminded me heavily of Spanish Sahara– and the raw shoddiness of the inside scene, which reminded me of something from Carey. But nothing came of it. When the awful fire animation consumed them at the end I half wished it was more than a special effect.

Please don’t waste your bandwidth playing this in HD. It’ll only disappoint.

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by | July 31, 2011 · 5:35 pm

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