Tyler, The Creator – Goblin

Tyler, The Creator, an integral part of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or, for short, OFWGKTA) shocked and stunned both the music channels and blogging sites with his second album, Goblin. If we’re being stereotypical, Tyler looks, acts and sounds like a rapper, but there’s something different about him and his music. His painfully honest lyrics are accompanied by original beats, which is refreshing to hear in a world where rap music samples anything from Annie to 21st Century Schizoid Man. Even if this album doesn’t appeal to your common music taste at all, at least it’s an album you can say doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before. Artists being original. Crazy, right?

However, Goblin has received a lot of controversy for it’s misogynistic and offensive lyrics. For instance, in Tron Cat, Tyler claims to rape a pregnant bitch and tell his friends he had a threesome. Charming. Goblin left twitter users and bloggers fuming before it had even been released. However, I decided to do some research of my own, and the conclusion I came to particularly shocked me. For someone who’s music taste usually covers indie and alternative, sometimes with a bit of moderate screaming in there too, my ‘urban music’ knowledge covers very little ground. (Using speech marks around ‘urban music’ probably isn’t going to help with my reputation, either, is it?) The only rap album I own is Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (which is brilliant, by the way). But there’s something about Tyler and his music that appeals to me. Reading from early interviews, excluding his use of Extensive Capital Letters and words like nigga and swag, Tyler seems like an intelligent 19 year old, with views and opinions I can relate to despite having very little in common with him.

In my opinion, I think this album is a 15 track long vent of his anger and despair for life in general and particularly the other cliques within music culture; hipsters, wannabe gangsters and a continuing list of other try-hards. And it works, and it deserves the recognition from music channels and radio stations it’s receiving. Put it this way; I’m a lot happier listening to a song about stabbing Bruno Mars in his oesophagus (listen to Yonkers) rather than a ‘love song’ catching a god damn grenade for some girl. Tyler’s music is opinionated and unlike anything else in it’s genre, instead of just being a soppy mess of lyrics about a girl. Anyway, what’s happened to romance? The majority of ‘love songs’ these days are about the girl being a ‘sexy bitch’ or just wanting to have ravage sex with her all night. Fantastic, really good that these influential figures are doing all they can to promote sexual equality and feminism. I digress…

Some of Tyler’s lyrics are just so outrageous that you just can’t take them seriously, and I don’t think they were intended to be taken seriously. They were written by an angry teenager for angry teenagers, that’s how we should interpret them. Never the less, I can’t help but feel that all of the hype around Goblin left me feeling slightly disappointed with the outcome. It’s good, but it’s not brilliant. However, it’s definitely a step forward into bringing more alternative influences into rap music and turning away from the top 40, and for that, I think it’s definitely worth a listen (here it is on spotify).

Tyler and the rest of OFWGKTA are at Reading Festival on the Saturday, and from what I’ve heard, they put on an incredible show. So, if you want to release your inner swag to music that’s still accepted enough for the artists to be asked to play at a mainly indie and rock festival, then Odd Future are for you.

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