Get Loaded in the Park 2011

Described as a festival in a city environment, Get Loaded (GLITP) brought more than 20 artists to Clapham Common for a day of music. The line up this year was definitely impressive for any indie/alternative fans out there and was well worth the £35 ticket. GLITP was on the 12th June 2011, and lasted from 12pm to 9pm. The headlining act was Razorlight, and there were many other big acts throughout the day such as The Cribs and Darwin Deez.

GLITP poster

Darwin Deez

Despite knowing very little of their music, Darwin and the gang produced an entertaining show to watch nonetheless. Although the rain could have dampened the mood, the quartet did a great job of warming up the crowd for a day of music. The bassists crazy dancing, Darwin’s stage presence and the well practiced mini intervals between every couple of songs including rapping and dancing, managed to get the whole crowd smiling. Darwin Deez were definitely a great act to have at the start of the day because of how much the warmed up the crowd. Songs worth a listen to are: Constellations, DNA and Bad Day.

Los Campesinos!

Our expectations for this group were high as it was our first time seeing one of our favorite bands. It was clear from the outset that Gareth (lead vocals) wasn’t particularly enthused. Whilst the rest of the band warmed up backstage, Gareth moodily sat on the stage on his phone, which we later saw to be bitchy tweets about other artists. The set list provided a good insight for people unfamiliar with the band, however we were slightly disappointed as our favorite songs were not played. Having said this, the songs played were performed to a high standard with the instruments complimenting each other well. Although we found this experience a tad disappointing, it will not stop us from seeing them perform live again once their new album comes out this year. Songs worth a listen to are: We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, Knee Deep at ATP and In Media Res.

Patrick Wolf

Dressed entirely in green and armed with an impressive range of instruments Patrick Wolf certainly did create a lasting impression. The audience definitely loved him and he interacted well with the crowd through joining them on the ground level. Before seeing him I was completely unfamiliar with his music, and after seeing him I wasn’t convinced to give it a listen. Sure, he was definitely talented (he played a golden harp on the stage!) but the show wasn’t likable. After being told that he only had 5 more minutes on stage, he certainly was not pleased. He told the crowd about how this show was a ‘homecoming gig’ for him after growing up in Wentworth, and then proceeded to tell his story of how he used to work in a sandwich shop in Covent Garden but got fired after making a tuna sandwich wrong; and therefore anyone can achieve anything just like him!! He then went on to complain about having a short stage time, and wanted the same duration as Darwin Deez; then carried on his show, running overtime. Patrick Wolf was definitely entertaining, but probably not of the more enjoyable shows of the day. Songs to try are The City, and The Future.

British Sea Power

Having only known a few of their songs before the show, I was hoping to leave wanting to listen to more. Starting their set off with Waving Flags and ending with Carrion/ All In It, the group definitely played their songs well. The highlight of the show was definitely the crowd who were all very excited and responsive to the group, and being in the crowd was enjoyable. However, the band weren’t the most interesting and didn’t engage much with the audience which was a bit disappointing. The group sounded just as good on their albums which was pleasing, and after the show it did make me want to listen to them more. Songs worth listening to are: Waving Flags, No Lucifer and Living is so Easy.


We didn’t see very much of the noisettes, but what we did see was definitely impressive. Lead singer, Shingai Shoniwa looked absolutely amazing and her stage personality was very likable. She interacted well with the audience, and even crowd surfed, and sung brilliantly. The group all sounded really good, and put on a good show with their stage decor and the atmosphere created. Songs worth listening to are: Never Forget You, and Wild Young Hearts.

The Cribs

The Cribs were definitely the highlight of the day for us, they sounded amazing and the atmosphere was indescribable. We had spent most of the day at the main stage in an attempt to be near the front for the Cribs, and this had payed off. At the start of their show we were in the fourth row of people so had a perfect view of the stage, however throughout the show we managed to get pushed back to half way through the crowd due to the amount of pushing and mosh pits. Despite this, the show was still fantastic and so enjoyable. The band started with Cheat on Me and ended with City of Bugs, both from their 4th studio album Ignore the Ignorant, and played songs from all four albums in their show. The band sounded even better than they do on recordings and interacted well with the crowd. Their show was so good, that we have literally had songs by the Cribs stuck in our heads for around a month after. In my opinion, all 4 albums are worth a listen to; however the songs worth a listen to are: Hey Scenesters!, Martell, Mirror Kissers, and I’m a Realist.

A picture taken by Sarah Dear of the band.

Johnny Flynn

Johnny Flynn was the last person that we saw at GLITP, and the show was a nice way to end the day. The atmosphere was quite relaxed and calm, and Johnny Flynn sounded just as good as on his CD’s. Unfortunately we missed him playing Kentucky Pill, but the set was so beautiful that it made up for missing it. Songs worth a listen to include: Kentucky Pill, The Water, and Lost and Found.

Overall the day was so much fun, and the £35 ticket seemed like a bargain! The acts and the crowd combined made the day so enjoyable and made the event worth going to.

-Nadeen Chudge and Sarah Dear.


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