Foster the People – Torches

So my friends have been telling me this Californian band are really really awesome. Foster The People – Torches. On first listen I knew that this band was funky, I tried to put my finger on who it was they were like and found no one particularly, in some songs there’s a MGMT vibe (Houdini) and in others there maybe a tUnE-YarDs feel – but as soon as I start thinking this it’s like Mark Foster injects originality into the song. But after the first few songs my interest was waning. On closer listening I still think that the beginning of the album pales in comparison to the rest, but it gets good at Don’t Stop (Colour on the Walls), it’s got that rhythmic summer-y vibe that you can just dance to, or have a BBQ to. I like the cool electronic sounds that come out of the album, be it the differing snazzy noises the beginning, middle and end of Houdini make or the crackly beats in Miss You. Another thing that I really like is all his little adlib ‘mmmhmmm’s some music artists do these (LeonaLewisLolz) and they sound mega weird but his sound cool.

As a bit of an art gimp I have decided I will look at the album art from now on. The little people are like a mixture of Stacey Rozich and Jamie Hewlett. It’s very simplistic and friendly in its nature, I like it a lot – they remind me a little of the Vauxhall Corsa’s ‘C’MONNNN’ puppets or toys (what are they?)

I have also decided I will include ‘A Brother’s Opinion’ in every review I do (maybe to make me sound nicer, but I can say it’s to get another perspective). As I am sat here typing my review my elder brother, who had his taste in music fossilised sometime around the mid naughties, is making himself a cooked breakfast (bacon and eggs and the like – with a compulsory cuppa coffee). I asked him; ‘What do you think about this [music]?’ …’they sound like a pre-pubescent Coldplay’ he whinged in between mouthfuls of scrambled egg.

I’ll conclude by saying that this album is worth a listen and is pretty feel good. Can’t be bothered to listen to the whole album? Listen to Houdini at the least.

Something a little sweet to end on: ‘Mark Foster originally named his band Foster & the People, but people misheard it as “Foster the People.” Eventually, he took to the nurturing image it evoked of “taking care” of the people, so the name stuck’ Taken directly from that o so reliable source, Wikipedia.

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  1. I saw them live and the front man jumps his shoulders up and down loads, it was really annoying. They also seemed to be an American Corporation’s response to some of the better American music of the last few years such as MGMT and Passion Pit. I personal do not rate them and anyone reading this could take my good advise and not listen to any of it – but you could listen to Declan, your choice.

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